«Our tools enable you to design

your investment plan like a pro»

  • +  Personal selection
  • +  Full access to all fund types
  • +  Shared intelligence
  • +  Cost-efficient

Transparency is our number one priority. We are obsessed with meeting our clients' needs in their own independant and unique ways. We don't favour any funds or products. Each S:YB Concierge is employed under the same terms and conditions. Simply said, we do what is in YOUR best interest.

S:YB works with a wide variety of providers and funds, not just ETFs. This open architecture enables you to seamlessly build a properly diversified bespoke portfolio of funds according to your specific needs and set of personal circumstances. Our priority is your near and long-term financial goals.

All transactions are performed using a world-class level of security. Once executed, real-world asset managers working behind the scene will take care of your money.