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Why www.Stripyourbanker.com ?

You’re in control. Retain your freedom and be connected to the most relevant funds that best suit you.

We are a groundbreaking platform which gives you full control over each of your fund selections, with personalised sugestions and help of a bespoke financial concierge. Our proprietary algorithms have been developed by experts, with decades of proven experience. Our innovative approach allows you the convenience, flexibility and fund access you'd get through a Family Office, without the hassle of the banker and the fees. Twist, adjust and change results as you wish: you have full control.

Your investor’s

profile and goals

Access to

all fund types

S:YB marketplace
  • Independence - Full User’s Choice and Control
  • Institutional Quality - We Connect All Funds with the Quality You'd Get Through a Family Office
  • Shared Intelligence - Experienced Investment Experts At Your Finger Tips
  • Low Fees - Our Software Allows Us to Provide You with Unrivaled, Low Fees.
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Meet your financial concierge

Choosing the right investments has never been so personalized, secure and easy.

We help you overcome the hassles of choosing the right investments regardless of the size of your wealth. Our innovative Family Office approach guides you through each step using our proprietary algorithms developed by our experts with decades of proven experience. Twist, adjust and change results as you wish: you have full control.


Understand your attitude towards risk and identify your financial goals.


Learn how to invest your wealth to achieve your financial goals. Screen and adjust our personalised investment suggestions at any time.


Set your own portfolio by selecting the most convenient funds from your personalised list of funds.


Generate the reporting you need to visualise, understand and monitor your portfolio performance.


Transparency is our number one priority. We are obsessed with meeting our clients' needs in their own independant and unique ways. We don't favour any funds or products. Each S:YB Concierge is employed under the same terms and conditions. Simply said, we do what is in YOUR best interest.

S:YB works with a wide variety of providers and funds, not just ETFs. This open architecture enables you to seamlessly build a properly diversified bespoke portfolio of funds according to your specific needs and set of personal circumstances. Our priority is your near and long-term financial goals.

All transactions are performed using a world-class level of security. Once executed, real-world asset managers working behind the scene will take care of your money.


Marc Durand
CEO Lawyer

“S:YB is much more convenient, much more accessible, and much more transparent”

“f you want to invest your money inteligently S:YB is by far the best choice out there. They gave me absolute trust that they are on top of my finances”

Mary Hall

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