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Why www.Stripyourbanker.com ?

You’re in control. Retain your freedom and be connected to the most relevant funds that best suit you.

We are a groundbreaking platform which gives you full control over each of your fund selections, with personalised sugestions and help of a bespoke financial concierge. Our proprietary algorithms have been developed by experts, with decades of proven experience. Our innovative approach allows you the convenience, flexibility and fund access you'd get through a Family Office, without the hassle of the banker and the fees. Twist, adjust and change results as you wish: you have full control.

Your investor’s

profile and goals

Access to

all fund types

S:YB marketplace
  • Independence - Full User’s Choice and Control
  • Institutional Quality - We Connect All Funds with the Quality You'd Get Through a Family Office
  • Shared Intelligence - Experienced Investment Experts At Your Finger Tips
  • Low Fees - Our Software Allows Us to Provide You with Unrivaled, Low Fees.
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