Why S:YB?

S:YB was founded to present you with the best investment opportunities and providers that are true to their course. We are committed to providing a way for you not to fall prey to inappropriate companies and taking the wrong investment step due to fear or prejudice.

After all, research has summarised that no discretionary fund of funds/ETF managers can robustly do better than you as such you should not leave such decisions out to be made by anyone but you.

The only way to have a truly personalised investment portfolio that suits you is to deeply understand what you are capable of doing with the money, itemise your financial goals and then go for appropriate asset allocation.

Stop giving your absolute power to others. Make your decisions by yourself by taking the time to be a dominant decision maker through understanding:

  • Your future cash flows requirement and defining your life goals.
  • The trade–off between risks and opportunities so you can invest your savings and capital into an achievable target.

After completing the steps above, back it up with the selection of assets managers whose aptitudes best work with your profile and goes with your preference. They will be in charge of the day–to–day management of your products to ensure compliance with risk-return profile target, be it an ETF, an index tracking or actively managed mutual fund.

The most crucial step is worth doing yourself. Stop giving your decisive power to somebody you barely know. Just get the right tools which we will give to you, and you are good to go. With S:YB you get:

  • UK's FCA regulated investment marketplace
  • A show–it–all algorithms developed by product buyers (pension fund and family office experts) with decades of proven experience.
  • Access to highly accredited UK & EU-regulated asset managers through UK-approved fund aggregators

You have the choice to leave your money with a preferred provider and broker, or you can as well pick one from our provider list to simplify the execution of your customised portfolios.

S:YB is all about handing the freedom and control on your investments back to you with ease in such a way that no intermediary currently does whichever their great promises. Get started with SYB today.

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The value of investments can go down in value as well as up, so you could get back less than you invest. It is therefore important that you understand the risks and commitments