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How it works

Our aim at S:YB is to help you improve the market by granting access to your cheapest share classes
and easily share your content (i.e. market views, investment process, reporting).

Engage approved investors digitally

1. Engage approved investors digitally

Reach out to investors by sharing knowledge and educating

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Increase reputation

2. Increase reputation

Promote your funds and skills towards targeted investors group

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Strategic Intelligence

3. Strategic Intelligence

Receive customised reporting about competitive positioning fees, margin, marketing efficiency and investors type

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SFlow aggregation

4. Flow aggregation

Raise assets through one nominee account that reduces operational costs.

Why S:YB?

Use the S:YB Smart Digital Distribution Ecosystem to serve independence-seeking investors willing to reorganise their investments to consolidate their future financial self: retirement, children education, inheritance, lifestyle objectives etc.

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